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Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Hair

With Valentine's Day falling on a Tuesday, you have to go to work before getting ready for your Valentines Day date (that of course you men have thoughtfully planned out...) I'm going to give you a few quick tips for a do it yourself style if you can't make it to the salon to get it done up for you!

First and most important: Pump Up the Volume

With bouncy, voluminous, sexy curls! Ladies, volume screams sex appeal. (A recent study shows that men like a more natural look to their lady's hair than a obviously done up do with a gallon of hairspray... plus your hair will be more touchable!)

For my curly ladies:
  1. Volume starts in the shower! Apply your gel in the shower with sopping wet hair and your head upside down. Scrunch in an upward motion toward your head to increase the curl and volume; remember, the slower you scrunch the less frizz you get. Hold your scrunch for a few seconds to maximize shape. 
  2. Clip some curls up at your part line! (for a little more fun give yourself a dramatic part. When you change your part it changes your look. It's most simple way of revamping your style)
  3. Wavy Ladies - diffuse your hair for the night as it will encourage your curl to really hold and will give you the lift you need at the crown instead of the weight of your ends pulling the volume out.
  4. Curly Ladies - Let your hair air try to avoid any additional moisture loss.
  5. When you are completely dry flip your head over and break the curls up just at your scalp. That will give you maximum volume!
For my straight-hair ladies:
  1. If you can't blow dry like your stylist does, blow dry to the best of your ability- we will get you some volume :) -Helpful hint: if you need volume at the top of your head near your part line, hold your hair straight up when it's wet and blow dry the root. Also you can blow dry the top of your head in the opposite direction. That makes the "root" stand up and volumize! Try using a volume foam like; Root Lift from Goldwell or Add Volume from KMS.
  2. If you're curling your hair, overdirect your curling iron and hold. Maximum volume = Over directing your curling iron as you let it heat your hair.
  3. Take the curling iron out and clip the curl to cool off. Better hold for the night :)
Those are just a few tips that may help you out a little... Here are a few pictures that I found online that may give you a touch of inspiration when you're looking in the mirror Tuesday night.

** A drastic part and a side bun (even if messy) makes it look like you spend time on your hair, but in reality you probably only spent five minutes.

This half-up/ half-down look is great because you can use your natural curl or the curl you put it.

Tease a little in the fringe area and pull sections back using bobby pins. Don't take the whole top section and clip. Take pie shaped sections leaving a few curls out. Pin back. Then take the little curls you left out and clip those back too on top of the pie shaped ones you already pinned. That will give you a very "organic" look.

Last tip for the day ladies: use a dry hairspray! Nothing sticky, nothing wet.

<3 Enjoy <3

Check out this site for some more inspiration!