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Friday, July 20, 2012

Wall Therapy in our very own Rochester!


1: Friday, July 20th (Tonight) at 1975 Gallery 7-10pm
Kick off to a week long event of amazing artists painting walls in Rochester!

2: Sunday, July 22 at the Public Market 2-10pm
Celebrating talented artists and their incredible street art
Featuring Live Music by DJ Ease, Live Painting by our guest artists and all host of community groups!

3: Wednesday, July 25th at the School of the Arts 6pm
Q&A with the artists!


WALL\THERAPY is a public community-level intervention using mural art as a vehicle to address our collective need for inspiration. // July 20-28, 2012 in Rochester, NY.


WALL\THERAPY is the name for this year’s mural project and beyond. This will also be the name for the mural projects that will accompany our philanthropic diagnostic imaging sites in the developing world.

Essentially, what we are doing is a community-level intervention in the form of mural art in the public space. The walls are our vehicle for inspiring and rehabilitating our community. We are intervening visually to address a fundamental collective need of our citizenry, the need for inspiration. In addition and quite literally, the walls on which our “therapists” will paint are being resurfaced and rehabilitated…given new life and energy.

Our inaugural project which took place during July 2011 was entitled “Visual Intervention.” Therefore, this year’s project will officially be known as “WALL\THERAPY…the second movement of Visual Intervention”  
-Credit of Information to Wall Therapy Facebook Page

Photo Credit Hannah Betts

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